Roshni has been working with different organization for achievement of its core objectives since its foundation/innovation. In the years 2014 and 2015 (As the report talks about these two years only) Roshni was engaged with following organizations in following projects/programs:

> Child Centred Disaster Risk Management

> Corporate Social Responsiblity and Rights of Local Communities

> Expanding Sustainable Child Protection Advocacy & Empowerment

> Democratic Governance, Social Justice, Peace and Harmony

> Legal Empowerment of the poor (LEP)



 Roshni Tariqiyati Tanzeem is a registered active, non-profit and non-governmental civil society organization of district Ghotki. It is committed to promote principles of socio-economic justice countrywide in order to achieve the goal of participatory human development by undertaking integrated initiatives for strengthening and supporting disadvantaged social groups and civil society organizations. It also aims at increased access to resources, institutions and knowledge; for the reason Roshni has adopted integrated and participatory human development approach to capacity building, coalition building, human rights education, advocacy and development initiatives throughout the social sector.

Basically, Roshni has passed three phases of its developmental journey. First phase, which comprised from its formation 1997 to 2006. During, this phase, it has played active role in development sector at community level through implementing community based development projects.  2nd phase initiated in 2006 after revised its organizational strategy in which it played expanded its role at district level through engaging and build networking with civil society organizations and networks.

Now, Roshni is passing its third phase from 2014 in which it started working at national, regional and international level with new organizational strategy focusing on promoting and protecting rights of local communities, climate justice, women and farmer’s rights.

During reporting year, its major work remained with two international rights based organizations for the protecting rights of local communities against corporate sector and climate change. First initiative with Fund for Global Human Rights (FGHR) under Corporate Sector and Rights of Local Communities and 2nd Feminist Participatory Action Research –Climate Justice Project In Collaboration With Asia Pacific Form on Women, Law and Development (APWLD).

During reporting, 3rd initiative was stated with PAHEL Pakistan through signing a MoU for the promoting tolerance and social harmony through conducting activities at community and district level with community based groups and civil society organizations. 

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Roshni has been working in the ground for protection and promotion of human rights. The core programs on which we are working are: Corporate Accountability & Social Justice, Democracy & Good Governance, Peace, Human Rights & Gender Justice, Sustainable Agriculture & Food Sovereignty and Climate Justice & Disaster Risk Reduction.

During the reporting period we carried out different interventions under the above programs either on self help basis or with the grants from some national and international organizations including: The Fund for Global Human Rights, Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law & Development (APWLD) and Pahel Pakistan.

Throughout the year 2018, Roshni’s collaborative work with People’s Alliance for Right on Local Resources (PARLR), a public body of Roshni itself, carried out different activities like protests, seminars, public forums and meetings against corporate sector for neglecting local communities and not spending on them under corporate social responsibility.

Roshni, with Pahel Pakistan, organized different events; mainly awareness sessions in order to educate people of different communities specially the women about human rights, democracy and peace & harmony in order to persuade them to raise voice for their rights. Apart from this, we kept on spreading awareness about above topics through social media using our face book account and pages.

In collaboration with Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law & Development (APWLD), Roshni carried out an important research under the title of: “Feminist Participatory Action Research on Climate Justice” in different flood and rain affected areas of Taluka Ghotki.

In the field of sustainable agriculture, we carried out (still continue) mass awareness campaign against use of pesticides and other toxic chemicals. Throughout this campaign, Pakistan Kisan Mazdoor Tahreek and Roots for Equity have been providing us guidance and technical support, though this program is not under a funded project.

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