Peace, Human Rights & Gender Justice

From religious fundamentalism to states discriminatory laws as well as tribal and outdated patriarchal taboos, human rights violations and gender inequalities and discriminations are practices and protected very openly. The government failure of taking adequate steps to prevent and respond attacks on minorities’ and sectarian violence has created havoc in society.  

The state censorship on Freedom of expression has also increasing created fearing retribution among journalists to avoiding reporting on critical human rights violations, whereas the issue of attacks on health workers by militant groups is one of the growing concerns for women workers at grassroots level. 

Additionally, the government failure of inadequate action to protect women and girls from abuses including rape, murder through honor killings, acid attacks, domestic violence, and forced marriages has also ranked the country on second Gender Inequalities among the world. 

Roshni’s Efforts:

Being women led organization since its establishment; Roshni has always strived to attain women empowerment and emancipation from outdated taboos and norm and promoted gender balance values at all level.

Addressing the issues of human rights violations and gender injustice, since its inception Roshni had have been engaged with people from all walk of life in organizing human rights advocacy campaigns,   

Promoting human rights adherence and gender justice Roshni would always be working with law enforcement agencies as well as different civil society actors