The organizational structure of the Roshni is comprising on four tiers (I) general body (ii), Executive body (iii) Roshni Secretariat and iv) Ghotki Development Network (GDN).

  • General Body: It is a Supreme constitutional body of the organization, which consists of 26 members. These members are seniors and committed human rights and development activists and professionals and belonging to deferent social group, civil society organizations, professions and different areas of district Ghotki. They held meeting at least once in a year.
  • Executive Body: It is governing body of the organization and consisting of 11 members including five key offices bears. General body elects them for three years tenure. It holds meetings on quarterly bases. Four women are also members of it.
  • Roshni Secretariat: It comprises on full time, part time and volunteer professional staff. The main office is locating in main place of the Ghotki city with well equipped.
  • Ghotki Development Network: Roshni has adopted to achieve own goals through formation a network of different civil society organizations, especially CBOs, NGOs, CCBs, community groups and trade unions. Currently, it is consisting on 15 different CBOs, CCBs and Roshni community groups Roshni holds annual general meeting (AGM) of network member organizations.