Democracy & Good Governance

Democracy is one of the best fascinating system of governance, using right of vote people elect their representatives to run the affairs of state and peoples welfare and development programs. However contrary to this the decision makers in public offices misuse their power and neglect peoples mandate and cause social problems, financial difficulties as well as social services delivery.

Moreover, due to extreme poverty and lower level of education and consciousness, masses have to re-elect the same inapt political leader of same family and clan who control and run their resources and institutions.

Lack of awareness and information regarding the importance of choosing right political leader have already created a vacuum and people need to be aware and educate in towards electing good and effective political representative. As a result of such political leadership vacuum 

Pakistan’s democracy system witness political violence motivated by ethnic, religious, tribal, ideological, or other identities; violence based on organizational or professional affiliation; and violence based on political party affiliation

Roshni’s Efforts:

  • Promoting essence of democracy among communities: Roshni accompanied with its activists and volunteers have focused on mobilizing and organizing communities for taking active participation in electoral process.    
  • Making public institutions accountable towards public: Roshni actively involves with civil society actors and communities through the interventions of organizing public seminars, workshops and capacity building programs. We have been working on making the democratic institutes people-friendly.
  • Working on the legal issues/Legal assistance: Roshni also have had sound experience working

on legal empowerment of people and have formed various legal advisory committees towards easy access to legal empowerment of the poor.